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About Javier Lewkowicz

Javier Lewkowicz is an Argentinian journalist at Página/12, specialising in economics. He also writes for other publications on politics and economics and is a regular contributor to Radio Cooperativa.

Articles by Javier Lewkowicz

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Argentina promete una definición por penales

La sociedad argentina podría dividirse en tercios: el tercio kirchnerista, el tercio anti kirchnerista y el tercio indeciso. Este último grupo es el que le dio la espalda al kirchnerismo en estas elecciones presidenciales. English.

Argentina’s runoff to be determined by a penalty shoot-out

Argentinian society could be divided into thirds: a Kirchnerist third, an anti-Kirchnerist third, and an undecided third. The latter group is the one who shied away from Kirchnerism at this presidential election. Español.

Renationalisation: the Argentine case shows it can be done

Argentina has completed multiple, successful renationalisations in the past decade. It can be done... when the political will is there.

Pos-neoliberalismo: lecciones de Sudamérica

Después de un período de rápida liberalización, Sudamérica puso en marcha un programa de re-nacionalizaciones antes de haberse salido totalmente de la fase neoliberal - en una iniciativa que podría ser calificada como ‘pos-neoliberalismo’. Publicado previamente  en OurKingdom. English

Post-neoliberalism: lessons from South America

After a period of rapid liberalisation South America undertook a programme of renationalisations, while still bearing the marks of the neoliberal phase - what might be termed 'post-neoliberalism'. Español.

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