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About Jem Bendell

Dr Jem Bendell is a Professor at the University of Cumbria, specialising in leadership, strategic communications and digital currencies in the context of disruptive climate change. 

Articles by Jem Bendell

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The future of sharing: it's still about freedom

The original vision of the sharing economy hasn’t died—it just needs more support and protection.

Carry on flying: why activists should take to the skies

Protesting against air travel might displace attention away from the actions required to reduce carbon emissions at the necessary scale.

Towards a Liberal Green Alliance

Could a green phoenix arise from the flames of the 2015 general election?

From castle to cage: what to do about the housing crisis?

Spiralling house prices are trapping people in lifelong debt while politicians ignore the root causes. Even the United Nations is alert to the Britain's growing housing crisis.

What happens to democracy in a cashless society?

New technology is transforming the way we pay for everything, but at what cost?

The future of the climate debate

The cutting edge of the climate change debate was absent from recent events in New York City, including mass marches. It’s time to unlearn the deluded notions that keep us from exploring the real issues for the future.

Psychos in suits: corporate CEOs in need of (an) asylum

Corporate America is mired in scandal, and chief executive officers (CEOs) are in the line of fire. But if the problem lies deeper than just a few rotten apples, so the solution requires a new business model that creates an ethical foundation for CEO behaviour. Behind the headlines, it’s already happening.

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