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About Jenny Shepherd

Jenny Shepherd is a freelance writer and digital filmmaker who also reports for Upper Calder Valley Plain Speaker, a hyperlocal news website supported by the Coops UK and Carnegie Trust UK's Make Your Local News Work initiative.

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Will 'care in the community' leave the elderly wandering in the streets?

Wishful thinking on 'care into the community' is damned by another expert report - but why are most politicians so quiet about hospital bed closures?

How to commercialise and cut health and social care without anyone noticing

Plans to ‘create a local market’ in health and social care, including personal budgets, threaten to undermine our collective rights and our systems based on social solidarity. The final part in our View from the Grassroots series.

Will volunteers become the sticking plaster holding the NHS together?

On top of NHS cuts, the government is squandering cash and morale on ill thought through 'integration' plans. Will volunteers and gadgetry fill the gaps as experienced staff walk away in despair? Part 3 of our 'View from the Grassroots'.

Saving NHS money - or a bonanza for Big Pharma and Big Tech?

Are big NHS changes in England including local closures and more ‘care at home’ driven by the need to save money - or something else? The second of our View from the Grassroots series.

Are plans to move the NHS 'into the community', a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Plans to close swathes of Yorkshire hospital services will 'improve care', say local NHS bosses. Campaigners are unconvinced. In the first of a four-part series Jenny Shepherd asks who - and what - is really behind similar claims being made across the country.

Politicians should have a "duty of candour" about the NHS too

Jeremy Hunt insists the NHS should be more open when things go wrong. Laudable - but why does the same openness not apply to decisions to close A&Es and outsource ambulances, being made in the shadows?

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