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About Jeremy Putley

Jeremy Putley is a retired accountant. His work includes “The Moral Vacuum and the American Constitution”, Political Quarterly, 1997. He has lived in the US, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and Moldova.

Articles by Jeremy Putley

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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

My 350 on BREXIT: The duty of members of parliament according to Edmund Burke

Parliament has to undertake the work involved, especially if the matter is extremely complicated.

The rise and fall of Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Does a personal vendetta lie behind the imprisonment of Russia’s once-richest oligarch, Mikhail Khodorkovsky? Was the Kremlin the real power behind the murder of the mayor of Nefteyugansk, for which Khodorkovsky is being punished? Jeremy Putley reviews a well-researched new book by Martin Sixsmith

Crime without punishment: Russian policy in Chechnya

Russia’s attempt to suppress the movement for Chechen independence in the past decade is marked by human rights violations on a massive scale. The rape and murder of one young Chechen woman, and its scandalous legal outcome, is emblematic not just of a savage military occupation, but of a criminal politics that deserves condemnation not indulgence from other world leaders.
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