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Jeremy Smith is Co-Director of PRIME Economics.

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Fiscal failure and OBR over-optimism: a review of the UK economy in Q4 2015

The network ‘Economists for Rational Economic Policies’ (EREP) review the UK's economic performance in the last quarter of 2015.

The cracks begin to show: a review of the UK economy in 2015 (part two)

Thus, the ultra-flexible UK labour market (“with employers in the driving seat”, in the government’s own charming words) – to be enhanced by the repressive new Trade Union Act – has had the effect of causing productivity to fall. Read part one here.

The cracks begin to show: a review of the UK economy in 2015 (part one)

On the first day of 2016 trading the FTSE 500 index nosedived. This surprised perennially optimistic business commentators, but will not surprise those who read the EREP review of the UK economy in 2015. Read part two here.

Reactions to Mr Osborne’s autumn statement

Today, UK's Chancellor George Osborne set out the Conservative Government’s fiscal plans for the current Parliament and beyond. First reactions to the Chancellor’s speech from four members of the network Economists for Rational Economic Policies (EREP).

What the Labour leadership candidates say on macroeconomic policy

What do the Labour leadership candidates propose to do about the economy?

Démontrer la réalité du changement : la valeur de la plausibilité stratégique dans l’évaluation

En se focalisant sur la plausibilité stratégique, il est possible de répondre au besoin de responsabilisation tout en favorisant également l’apprentissage. Une contribution au débat d’openGlobalRights sur l'évaluation et les droits de l’homme.  English

Making a case for change: the value of strategic plausibility in evaluation

By focusing on strategic plausibility, it’s possible to fulfil accountability needs while also favouring learning. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on evaluation and human rights.  Français

Financial repression - myth, metaphor and reality

“Financial repression” always casts state regulators as authoritarian villains and allows apologists for uncontrolled finance to pose as freedom fighters. Maybe we should worry far less about efforts to “repress” finance and far more about finance’s efforts to oppress the rest of us.

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