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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Don't f**k with the formula!

Not made for these times In 1966, while Brian Wilson was radically innovating, and creating new works of musical genius, other members of the Beach Boys remained sceptical. Fellow band member Mike ...

What's so good about campaigning?

It’s so hard to find a parking space in Dulwich Village. At one of Southwark’s community councils not so long ago, there was some vocal (and visceral) opposition to a modest council proposal to...

Making a case for change: the value of strategic plausibility in evaluation

By focusing on strategic plausibility, it’s possible to fulfil accountability needs while also favouring learning. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on evaluation and human rights.  Français

Démontrer la réalité du changement : la valeur de la plausibilité stratégique dans l’évaluation

En se focalisant sur la plausibilité stratégique, il est possible de répondre au besoin de responsabilisation tout en favorisant également l’apprentissage. Une contribution au débat d’openGlobalRights sur l'évaluation et les droits de l’homme.  English

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