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About Jim Gabour

Jim Gabour is a film producer, writer and director, whose work focuses primarily on music and the diversity of cultures. His New Orleans novel Unimportant People is available via Kindle.

Articles by Jim Gabour

This week’s front page editor

Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Monumentally clueless

Tearing down statues of slavers brings out the worst of Louisiana politics

The lamentable tri-color

Trump, Brexit and Le Pen - a trio united by their tri-colors, and an enemy that just won't ever go away

The land of a thousand dances

In which the man from New Orleans remembers some prelapsarian years reflected in the music of the times, "when “shaking your moneymaker” did not suggest manipulating one’s PAC"

Living on the Tour

“For it is written, In the scruffy shall ye find the rewards of eternal bliss!" and other useful Pasqual exclamations from New Orleans when you have become a fixture in the global tourism industry

“Those who cannot remember the past..."

Learning from Vietnam: what do people want to remember and why?

A bird, my cat, my shoes & Donald Trump.

The musings on a 'natural' Donald Trump phenomenon. 

A wild, bird-eating 18-year-old orange tabby & his domesticated 102-year-old pet

The two “pets” are my parents. There were the two of them in the house for the first 15 years or so of the tabby’s residence. Minou’s story winds about them, binds them in mutual affection and shared life.

More mistakes

In which our Sunday columnist looks up from his labours and finds a whole new year’s resolution.


Time, time, time... is on my side

As a gruelling summer comes to an end, music in a hospital cafeteria triggers memories of life and of the woman who made it all possible.

A lotto BS

Today's Sunday Comic urges us to be aware of the deception inherent in state lotteries.


Russia may create cold wars but France gets 'em while they're hot

Today's Sunday Comic excavates the tabloids to ponder how political leaders deal with their private sexuality whilst in power

For real: this is reality?

Our Sunday Comics author takes a look at Louisiana's Reality TV boom and the state governor embracing it.

Singing for sex, and other political anomalies

Our Sunday Comics columnist learns some human and political lessons from the frogfish and toadfish of Florida

The Cloud rains on all parades

A parking ticket leads our Sunday Comics author to wonder how much of our lives have migrated Up There

Flavor, less

Sunday Comics, flavourOur Sunday Comics columnist serves us with a round of the latest, tasteless trends in American consumption

“… a neglected variable: Females”

As Jill Abramson leaves the New York Times, our Sunday Comics author examines the framing of the story - and some new scientific research into the Y chromosome - in the US media

Ukraine, Nigeria, Egypt, Syria, Somalia, North Korea: Do we deserve to be happy?

Our Sunday Comics columnist on Mardi Gras 2014 and his experience - rather than pursuit - of happiness

The Ice Age 2014

As New Orleans freezes over our Sunday Comics author reflects upon his personal, ambiguous relationship with ice

Life measured in cats

Our Sunday Comics author describes the felines who have shared his and New Orleans upheavals and adventures in the past thirty years


Un autre imbecile, eating

In a rainy Paris our Sunday Comics author finds riches that more than compensate for a failed business meeting


Today Jim Gabour sets the type and photographs for his tribute to his centenarian father


Religion and grilled octopus

Another culinary adventure from our Sunday Comics columnist who in an unplanned visit to Italy experiences the horror of the Vatican cafeteria and the terror of driving along the Amalfi coast, before happening upon a tranquil and restorative setting.

“Authentic Maya foon”, parte dos

Our Sunday Comics author tantalises us with a story of intense culinary revelation in Mexico 


By any other name

A new Sunday Comic from New Orleans on dubious nicknames and moral bankruptcy - on both sides of the law

Vladimir & Barack do the shake

Inspired by the attention given to Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin's shaking of hands on American news networks our Sunday Comics author digs into the cultural archaeology of the handshake

Authentic foon

Authentic FoonOur Sunday Comics author recalls three experiences of intense culinary and self-transportation


Our Sunday Comics author stumbles upon a single childhood curseword as he gives us his version of everything

Taste of the lash

The strange reappearance of a whip-cracking cowboy from the silver screen leads to considerations on how life is measured in smaller and smaller increments of time from every electronic device.


Gator Sunday ComicsA day trip to an interactive museum in a South Louisiana bayou offers our Sunday Comics columnist the chance to sample a different reality

In your ear

A quarter of all e-commerce will be conducted by mobile devices by 2016. Our Sunday Comics columnist, after a repulsive dream, tracks the various intrusions into his life via his phone

Sunday Comics: Die

As six heads of state try and dominate chance in a darkened room, our Sunday Comics columnist takes us on a journey through the gambling culture of New Orleans, introducing us to the characters who ultimately have a lesson or two for our leaders

On auto

steering wheelA momentary blank when driving his own car leads our Sunday Comics author to remember a visit to London and the disorientation experienced routinely by transported bodies

Director to Brad Pitt: “Cue audio for deep-fat cultural self-destruction”

Our Sunday Comics columnist on TV cook Paula Deen's racist comments, the true nature of Southern gentility, and the zombie hordes threatening to climb the walls

Just another poor boy

Our Sunday Comics columnist reflects on the various origins of poor boys

Skewed food & military surveillance: that means six-count shrimp, three-for-one catfish, and two-engine bigeyed bombers

As a storm approaches our Sunday Comics columnist finds himself between the bounties of the Gulf of Mexico, the one-size-fits-all supermarket and the sounds of spy planes overhead

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