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About Joan Subirats

Joan Subirats is Political Science Professor and researcher at the Government and Public Policies Institute of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Cataluña: ¿Y ahora, qué?

El pasado 27 de octubre, en cuestión de horas, Cataluña pasó de ver cómo se proclamaba la independencia  a ver cómo se intervenía su autogobierno por parte del gobierno en Madrid. English

Catalonia: now what?

Last October 27, in hours, Catalonia went from independence being declared by the Barcelona Parliament to having its system of self-rule taken over by the government in Madrid. Español

Cataluña: reconocimiento y dignidad

El día 2 de octubre será necesario buscar salidas que no impliquen la derrota total del otro y que exista capacidad de reconocimiento de la diversidad nacional de España. English

Catalonia: recognition and dignity

On October 2, it will be necessary to find a way out that does not imply the total defeat of the other and that enables us to recognize Spain’s national diversity. Español

In design as in politics: who decides?

Do we like to just be users of things that someone else has thought of, or would we also like to decide what we do and how we do it? Español

En diseño como en política, ¿quién decide?

¿Nos gusta ser sólo usuarios? ¿Nos gusta usar cosas que otros han pensado? ¿O nos gusta (también) decidir sobre qué hacemos y cómo lo hacemos? English

Barcelona: how to share a city's 'success'

The ability to sustain the tension between the inside and the outside of the local institutions, between those who govern and those who are governed, is key for Barcelona citizens to regain their city. Español.

Barcelona: ¿como gobernar la distribución del 'exito'?

Sólo con la capacidad de mantener la tensión entre dentro y fuera de las instituciones, entre gobernantes y gobernados, será posible recuperar Barcelona para sus ciudadanos. English.

Catalonia and Spain

If the answer is independence, what was the question? Does is really make sense to demand sovereignty at a time when no-one knows where to find it? A new political phase has commenced in Spain.

The commons: beyond the market vs. state dilemma

Elinor Ostrom, the Nobel Prizewinner who died this week, pioneered this work. Value is created through the logic of sharing with others in an open and even casual way. Innovation is no longer a monopoly, unassailably colonised by mercantile initiative.

The politics of fear

Fear of responding to a politics of fear is a critical aspect of the present weakness in the situation in which Europeans find themselves.
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