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About Jogchum Vrielink

Jogchum Vrielink is a postdoctoral researcher and coordinator of the Centre for Discrimination Law (Research Centre on Equality Policies, Institute for Constitutional Law, University of Leuven).

Articles by Jogchum Vrielink

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Burqa ban and its vigilante proponents

A Belgian civil servant is in trouble for injuring a Qatari princess by ripping off her veil in public. What is it about the "burqa ban" that inspires such vigilante justice?

The constitutionality of the Belgian burqa ban

On 6 December 2012, the Belgian Constitutional Court held that the 2011 so-called “burqa ban” does not violate the Belgian Constitution. A boundary is crossed when rights of individuals are simply sacrificed to majority sentiments; a boundary which should be protected by institutions such as the Court.

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