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About Johann Hari

Johann Hari is a writer and journalist. He has written for The Independent and many other newspapers. He is currently the producer of The Trews, and author of Chasing the Scream. He tweets at @Johannhari101.

Articles by Johann Hari

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Japan, the place with the strangest drug debate in the world

Despite its relatively low drug abuse figures, the Japanese system is failing to treat addicts.

Johann Hari: Uncovering the real causes of depression, and the unexpected solutions

Interview with writer Johann Hari about his new book, Lost Connections

How the country that invented many of the world's drugs turned against them – until now

Cocaine in 1859; heroin in 1888 – and a ban introduced in 1929. Now, however, times are changing – and more compassionate policies are taking root.

Whose morality? Johann Hari on the future of the ‘war on drugs’

“If your morality doesn’t look at the actual practical effects of what you’re doing, it’s not a moral debate, it’s just posturing.”

‘A training in violence’: the connecting line between France’s ‘war on drugs’ and jihadism

In France, there are many ways in which the pool of violence caused by drug prohibition bleeds into home-grown jihadism. But there is an alternative.

Listen to a recorded audio version of this article.

“The degree of the racism is insane”: Johann Hari on the ‘war on drugs’

“African Americans are no more likely to buy or sell drugs than any other group, but they make up the overwhelming majority of the people who go to prison for it.” (27:42 minutes)

Childhood trauma & addiction: the 4600% risk factor

If you've suffered childhood trauma, you're 4600% more likely to become an injecting drug user than if you haven't. We then go on to treat addicts in a way that seems designed to keep them hooked

Chasing the Scream, the talk

The last days of the war on drugs - and how to bring them to pass. The video of the London open book event.

Has being gay influenced my view of the war on drugs?

Most gay people know what it’s like to have the uncomfortable feeling of being told that the experience you regard as universal should in fact have flashing neon lights and a big sign saying “GAY!” above it

The real cause of addiction has been discovered - and it's not what you think

Addiction is the symptom of a social ill. Follow the science and you'll get to policy which is humane and actually works

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