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About Johanna Korhonen

Johanna Korhonen (born 1968) is a Finnish journalist and a liturgical singer in ensemble Vox Silentii. She is one of the writers in the Open Society/Counterpoint project "Reluctant Radicals".

Articles by Johanna Korhonen

This week’s World Forum for Democracy 2017 editors

Georgios Kolliarakis

Georgios Kolliarakis political scientist, is a senior researcher at the University of Frankfurt.

Rosemary Belcher-2.jpg

Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Introducing this week’s theme: Media, parties and populism.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Machismo on the move

The shifting experience of masculinity is connected to the rise of populist politics in Finland.


The crumbling of Finland’s consensus culture: silence into rumpus

Finland underwent a spectacular populist upheaval in 2011, when the True Finns won over nearly one fifth of the vote and went on to become the main opposition party to the current government. The prelude to this was growing disquiet towards Finland’s consensus-dominated political culture.

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