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About John Denham

John Denham is the Director of the Centre for English Identity and Politics at the University of Winchester. He is a former Labour MP and Cabinet Minister and Director of the English Labour Network.

Articles by John Denham

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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Governing England in the wake of Brexit

English Brexit voters may have voted not so much for the return of Empire, but for greater attention to England as the only stateless nation in the UK.

England – the nation that is not to be named?

Where once politicians spoke of England when they meant Britain, they now speak of Britain when they mean England.

A nation divided? The identities, politics and governance of England

The public want change. It’s time for civil society to lead this essential, overdue public discussion. An edited version of a Speakers Lecture by John Denham.

Cable’s confusion – on Brexit imperial “nostalgia” and what it means to be English

The Scots have as much reason for imperial nostalgia as the English, so why did one vote Remain and the other vote Leave, asks John Denham?

National identity: dying force – or future hope?

What does the national identity and politics of the coming generations in England tell us about the future?

Re-imagining England

Originally delivered as a public lecture at the University of Winchester on Thursday 9th October, 2014, John Denham reflects on the future of England and "Englishness."

New values for One Nation Labour

It was values, not aiming at the 'centre ground', that won New Labour power in Britain. If Miliband and One Nation Labour are to prosper they need to show a values-based approach that resonates with an increasingly fragmented public. But how?

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