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John Grayson is an independent researcher and adult educator. He is an activist and campaigner with SYMAAG (South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group). He writes regularly for openDemocracy and for the Institute of Race Relations news service

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

G4S promises (again) to repaint asylum seeker red doors and relocate families at risk

Four months after 'red doors' scandal broke, security company says it really will stop making asylum seekers’ homes so easy to locate and attack.

Asylum seekers with red doors are still being targeted by racists

Regardless of government orders and promises to Parliament, UK property company Jomast carries on putting asylum tenants at risk.

Bed bugs and freight sheds: Britain’s welcome to asylum seekers

How do the government and its commercial contractors respond to criticism of standards in asylum housing?

Red doors for asylum seekers: MPs grill one of Britain’s richest landlords

“An unseemly and unsavoury” business? Stuart Monk of Jomast fails to impress.

Red doors made asylum seekers targets for abuse. Deliberate?

Why did UK commercial contractors G4S and Jomast paint asylum seekers’ doors red? Why did they ignore complaints for years?

G4S disputes claims that transgender asylum-seeker had to share bedroom with man

Neglect, contempt and hostility — how the UK government really welcomes refugees.

Barbara, tagged and monitored like a criminal

Barbara is an asylum seeker living in the UK. How the government’s immigration crackdown creates opportunities for humiliation and profit.

Toddlers, rats, asbestos. G4S, asylum seekers’ landlord

Why would the UK government let its commercial contractor get away with housing vulnerable asylum seekers in dangerous slums?

Meet the UK’s latest weapon against organised crime and asylum seekers

Tools and rhetoric designed to combat terrorism and serious crime are being deployed against asylum seekers and people who work with them.

One bath for 12 women and 11 babies: UK asylum housing by G4S

On a suburban street in Leeds, security company G4S packs 23 women and children into one house with a single bathroom.

Destitution, intimidation . . . How Britain shirks its obligations to asylum-seekers

Filthy showers, uncleared rubbish, mice infestation. The quality of housing provided to asylum seekers by commercial contractors is poor indeed, but good enough for the Home Office.

Barnsley Freedom Riders: pensioner people power

In South Yorkshire rail passengers resist the removal of free travel for retired and disabled people.

Five lessons Britain must learn from the botched privatisation of asylum housing

A Parliamentary watchdog reports on the dangerous consequences of an ill-conceived, badly planned and poorly executed rush to privatise

How to use housing to hurt people: Britain's hostile environment for asylum seekers

The hidden injuries of asylum housing — inflicted by G4S.

UK watchdog takes another bite out of failing outsourcer G4S

Commercial outsourcers fail and fail again. Privatisation hurtles on. The Public Accounts Committee has been interrogating executives and civil servants about the degradation of asylum housing in England.

G4S owes thousands of pounds on energy bills

It's Britain's leading meter-reader. But in the homes it provides for asylum seekers, outsourcing giant G4S leaves energy bills unpaid.

Living with rats. Landlord G4S

While a company executive assured the UK Parliament there was nothing to worry about, a child in a G4S house counted rats.

Welcome to Britain: 'Go Home or Face Arrest'

For decades racists have yelled "Go Home" at minority ethnic and Black people. Now the government is doing it in a reviled and provocative advertising campaign aimed, ostensibly, at 'illegal immigrants'. John Grayson reflects on a nasty piece of work. See also We all belong to Glasgow - Refugees Are Welcome Here.

After Mubenga unlawful killing verdict: Could asylum seekers have a worse landlord than G4S?

• Inquest jury return unlawful killing verdict • Jimmy Mubenga died after 'restraint' by three G4S guards • G4S executives David Banks and Stephen Small gave flawed evidence to UK parliamentary committee about restraint techniques • Lately Stephen Small dismissed allegations about abuse of asylum seekers housed by G4S

G4S asylum-housing fiasco descends into farce

Things aren't going well in the UK's new asylum housing 'market' that is dominated by the world's biggest security company. Now G4S threatens to evict an asylum-seeker because G4S has failed to pay her rent. Are public services safe in its hands?

Their secret is out, but for G4S and friends ‘abject disregard' for human dignity persists

Landlords get richer. Women are harassed in their homes. The UK Border Agency's contractor G4S is using subcontractors who are not up to the task. The newly privatised market in asylum housing is a shambles and a warning.

A cockroach in the baby’s bottle: asylum-seeker housing by security giant G4S

Angela and her baby are among thousands of vulnerable people being forcibly re-housed as the UK government converts asylum-seeker housing into a profitable business. 

Forced evictions, racist attacks. Meet the new landlord, security company G4S

The UK government has created a new profit source for security giant G4S and its partners: managing housing for asylum seekers. John Grayson reports on a reckless experiment whose result is human misery.

G4S and friends exploit the mother and baby market

The latest G4S twist on asylum housing markets – a hostel for asylum seeker mothers and babies in the North East of England.

Another shambles as G4S is entrusted with running asylum seeker housing

While the world’s biggest security firm has suffered international humiliation over its mishandling of the London Olympics, another more modest piece of business has been unravelling in its hands. 


Outsourcing charity – the G4S way

The security firm G4S has spread its tentacles far and wide in the UK. Now it is extending its reach into charity, after it signed a contract with a charitable housing association in Yorkshire. Where next?

Yorkshire campaigners claim small victory over world’s biggest security company G4S

Campaigning works, say Yorkshire groups, as G4S forced to drop private landlord UPM from asylum-housing contract.

G4S asylum housing, the evictions begin: mother and baby dumped in substandard flat

The UK Border Agency gave a £30 million contract for housing asylum seekers to G4S, the world's biggest security company. Now vulnerable people are losing their homes.

Mobilising Outrage: campaigning with asylum seekers against security industry giant, G4S

A Yorkshire campaign deploys rigorous research to expose and resist the astonishing corporate takeover of Britain’s 'asylum seeker markets'

Politicians reap what they sow - the contradictions of electoral racism

The UK's mainstream parties should be confronting, not courting, Far Right populism

Britain as a private security state: first they came for the asylum seeker ...

As an increasingly denigrated category of people who 'should not be here', asylum seekers are among the first to experience the privatisation of state security in the UK. They won't be the last. 

G4S turns a profit in “asylum markets”: who's speaking out and whose lips are sealed?

The world's biggest security company is about to be handed contracts to run asylum seeker housing throughout England's North East, Yorkshire and Humberside.

Asylum seeker housing managed by for-profit prison guards? Why not

The UK Border Agency invites the company that killed Jimmy Mubenga to manage housing for vulnerable asylum seekers

Polls, politicians and campaigners – how not to fight racism

The Populus Report, 'Fear and Hope', avoids the central role of politicians in creating a climate of ‘common sense racism’ within which the BNP and EDL have thrived, whilst appearing to endorse David Cameron’s recent ‘muscular liberal’ attack on multiculturalism.

Against ‘common sense’: election reflections from a campaigner on migration and asylum

A welcome electoral setback for the BNP may have been bought at the expense of their politics on immigration and asylum being adopted by the Conservative and Labour parties within a general “common sense” racist political culture
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