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About Johnny Ryan

Johnny Ryan is senior researcher at the Institute of European Affairs, a policy think-tank in Dublin, with offices in Brussels.

Articles by Johnny Ryan

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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Google vs China: capitalist model, virtual wall

The breach between a corporate behemoth of the new-media age and an emerging state superpower defines the struggle for the world’s information future, say Johnny Ryan & Stefan Halper.

The Lisbon treaty and the Irish voter: democratic deficits

Ireland’s rejection of the European Union’s “reform treaty” exposes a democratic deficit in Dublin more than in Brussels, argue Johnny Ryan & Joseph Curtin, who offer three steps to redress it.

iWar: pirates, states and the internet

The internet-dependence of governments, businesses and authorities around the world invites a proliferation of net-based assaults. Welcome to the new age of "iWar", says Johnny Ryan.

Europe, terrorism and the internet

The European Union counter-terror strategy loses its way in cyberspace, says Johnny Ryan.

The militant Islamist call and its echo

The seductions of militant Islamist rhetoric on the net need to be met by an appeal to reason founded in learned Islamic and democratic ideas, says Johnny Ryan.
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