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Johnny Ryan is senior researcher at the Institute of European Affairs, a policy think-tank in Dublin, with offices in Brussels.

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Niki Seth-Smith is a freelance journalist and contributing editor to 50.50.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Google vs China: capitalist model, virtual wall

The breach between a corporate behemoth of the new-media age and an emerging state superpower defines the struggle for the world’s information future, say Johnny Ryan & Stefan Halper.

The Lisbon treaty and the Irish voter: democratic deficits

"The people have spoken." The pithy comment of the Republic of Ireland's justice minister Dermot Ahern as the votes were being counted from the country's referendum on the European Union's "reform treaty" on 12 June 2008 acknowledges both the victory of the "no" camp and the fact that the outcome (by a decisive margin of 54%-46%) poses anew questions about the way the EU and its twenty-seven member-states relate to their citizens.

iWar: pirates, states and the internet

On 27 April 2007 a blizzard of distributed "denial-of-service" attacks hit important websites in Estonia and continued until at least as late as mid-June. The targets included the website of the president, parliament, leading ministries, political parties, major news outlets, and Estonia's two dominant banks, which were rendered unable to interact with customers.

Europe, terrorism and the internet

European Union member-state governments are increasingly aware of the danger of terrorism perpetrated within their own borders - sometimes by their own citizens. From late 2005 onwards, the European commission and justice and home affairs (JHA) council of ministers have rightly begun to place a high priority on curbing radicalisation and recruitment into terrorism, particularly on the internet. The latest manifestation of these efforts is the presentation by the European commission on 6 November 2007 of a new "counter-terrorism package". Its proposals will be voted upon at the next JHA council on 8-9 November.

The militant Islamist call and its echo

On the internet, in gymnasiums, bookshops and video-clubs, recruitment propaganda is viewed by and debated among prospective Islamist militants. This wide-ranging material contains four recurrent themes; understanding them is the first step to forming an effective counter-narrative to dissuade the next generation of would-be militants from embracing violence, and channelling their energies and ideas into democratic routes of political and religious persuasion.

Johnny Ryan is a senior researcher at the Institute of European Affairs, a policy think-tank in Dublin, with offices in Brussels.

He is the author of Countering Militant Islamist Radicalisation on the Internet: A User Driven Strategy to Recover the Web (Institute of European Affairs, 2007). His blog is here

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