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About John-Paul Rantac

John-Paul Rantac is an independent researcher and writer specialising in human rights and conflict resolution. 

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Spreading the risk: how to win back Islam from the fundamentalists

‘Spreading the risk’ is a great idea, but the aim should be to amplify the voice of those moderate Muslim movements challenging the hardliners, because without them reform in Islam is not possible.

Israel Inc. marketing the conflict in Gaza

In corporate jargon, Israel’s assault on Gaza is akin to that of a monopoly which undertakes unfair business practices to crush a small competitor’s attempt to increase its market share.

The individualisation of radical Islam in Britain

Presenting “British values” as the antidote to Islamic fundamentalism misunderstands the process of radicalisation and what should be done to stem it.

Libya: the migrant trap

The discovery by the Italian navy of 30 bodies in a fishing boat at the weekend highlights the deadly trail of migrants from north Africa—for whom a chaotic Libya represent another hazardous transit point.

Israel's two-step solution to African 'infiltrators'

Israel's response to its first wave of non-Jewish African immigrants has been to stop the influx of refugees and not to let those already settled inside to stay within Israel

Syrian refugees in Turkey: defusing the powder-keg

In sharp contrast to wider Europe, Turkey has taken in many refugees from the Syrian civil war—but its hospitality is starting to excite social frictions and sectarian tensions

Egypt’s interest in securing Sinai

Egypt's heavy-handed crackdown on the Sinai insurgency may need recalibration in order to gain the support of, rather than alienate, the indigenous Bedouin community

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