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About Jon Burnett

Dr Jon Burnett works at the Institute of Race Relations, where he carries out research into racial violence, domestic race policy in the UK and the economics of migration. 

Articles by Jon Burnett

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Housing, immigration and the attack on multiculturalism

If the Immigration Act addresses who can live in the country, the Housing and Planning Act addresses who can live in particular cities. Together, these two acts will serve as pretext for an acceleration of social cleansing.

The violence of denial

Twenty-one years since the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence in South London, the criminal justice system maintains a reflex to deny racism. This amounts to the routine denial of justice.

When will there be policing for black people in Britain?

The Metropolitan Police spied on the family of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence. Violence against people from black and minority ethnic communities goes on and on. 

Twenty years after the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence, what has changed?

The Institute of Race Relations examines racial violence in Britain since 1993.

'The town the Poles took over’ — Peterborough, behind the headlines

The routine demonisation and vilification of migrant workers is underpinning the spread of racist violence into new areas in the UK. But it is rarely politically acknowledged.

Abandoned to the far right

Specific patterns of ‘hate’ are emerging and the far right is mobilising and making inroads in smaller towns and cities: often rural places, once-industrial, where the experience of marked inequalities and relatively recent demographic change go hand in hand.

New geographies of racism

As new patterns of racial violence emerge throughout the UK, anti-racist campaigners need to forge new solidarities based on an understanding of local realities

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