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About Jon Wiltshire

Jon Wiltshire is a freelance journalist currently living and working in Athens, Greece. He recently graduated from a master's in Global Politics (Global Civil Society) at the LSE. For more info check out his blog, Greece Lightning, or get in touch via Twitter.

Articles by Jon Wiltshire

This week's editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Standing man

Technically, if over seven people meet on the streets of Istanbul, you have to notify the Governor.

Istanbul in lockdown

Another sleepless night in Istanbul as thousands of people take to the streets to oppose Erdogan's increasingly brutal regime.

With fists in their pockets

In Greece, news of a return to economic growth is more or less meaningless to those thoroughly affected and thoroughly angered. Politicians should focus on repairing people’s lives, not on GDP growth.

After Syntagma: where are the occupiers now?

In 2011, at a time of financial crisis and in opposition to impending austerity measures, Greeks of all ages came together to occupy Athens' central square and inspire a resurgent form of political protest across the world. Two years on, where are the occupiers now?

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