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About Jonathan Gray

Jonathan Gray is Director of Policy and Research at Open Knowledge, an award-winning civil society organisation dedicated to opening up public information, research and culture to benefit the lives of citizens around the world. He is also Researcher at the University of Amsterdam and the University of London. More about him can be found at and he is on Twitter at @jwyg

Articles by Jonathan Gray

This week’s front page editor


Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Making climate negotiations public

Climate negotiations should happen in the open, and be accountable to citizens. We're starting to make sure they are...

A data revolution for whom?

Vast data collection must be reshaped to suit progressive ends.

Secret government contracts undermine our democracies. Let's stop them

How do we know that the money we collectively give to our governments is being properly spent? We don't. A new campaign seeks to change that.

The Snowden Files: so much more than state surveillance

A new book on 'the most spectacular intelligence breach ever' falls short of interrogating what the surveillance industrial complex is doing to our societies, to our politics and to our minds.

Britain 'shines light of transparency' on secret lobbying. Just kidding.

David Cameron's lobbying bill exposes the hollowness of his muscular claims about cracking down on crony capitalism. Britain's democracy remains under corporate capture.

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