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About Josh Neicho

Josh Neicho is a freelance journalist, who has worked on the Use Your Voice and Bite the Ballot voter engagement campaigns. Follow him on Twitter: @JoshNeicho.

Articles by Josh Neicho

This week’s front page editor

Rosemary Bechler is a mainsite editor of openDemocracy

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Can the new metro mayor transform the West Midlands economy?

The new West Midlands mayor has struck an inclusive tone. But how relevant is his upbeat, growth-driven vision to those at the bottom?

Amiens – a cacophony of voices

What is the political mood in Emmanuel Macron’s home town this week? How is his campaign faring alongside the Le Pen supporters, among the Whirlpool factory workers, the old and young?

What role for the Commonwealth?

Is the Commonwealth a part-solution to Britain's trade woes post-Brexit? The government’s Article 50 bill cleared the Lords last week on March 13th: Commonwealth Day. Economists’ and MPs’ po...

'Do you cut off your right hand or your left?': the choice facing middle America

Two weeks ago it looked like it was all over. Now, on the eve of the election, Trump has bounced back. What lies behind his enduring popularity?

‘My democratic girlfriends are voting Trump’

After the Republican presidential candidate’s sexism scandal, who are the women still supporting Donald Trump?

Podcast: a younger voter's guide to the European referendum

What is motivating younger voters in the European referendum – and what should?

Opening up democracy in Djibouti: great powers and little battalions

Djibouti holds its presidential election today, and Ismael Omar Guelleh is likely to be re-elected for a fourth term despite an opposition boycott, humiliating court defeat and a massacre. How come?

The individual electoral registration process is a shambles

But it raises deeper questions about our democratic health which must be explored.

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