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About Josie Appleton

Josie Appleton is director of the civil liberties group the Manifesto Club, and author of Officious: Rise of the Busybody State.

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Usurpación del espacio público en el Reino Unido: ¿cómo restringe nuestro derecho a protestar?

Tanto el aumento de los espacios públicos de propiedad privada (POPS) como las nuevas regulaciones estatales están limitando las oportunidades de ejercer uno de nuestros derechos básicos: el derecho a protestar. English

Encroachment of public space in the UK: how does it restrict our right to protest?

Both the increase in privately owned public spaces (POPS) and new state regulations are limiting opportunities to exercise one of our basic rights: the right to protest.

The busybody state is on the rise – and it is ticking us all off

In this extract from her new book Officious, Josie Appleton outlines the rise of the tick-box, tut, tut state and the threat it poses to civil society.

No place for the young: the towns where childhood is being criminalised

Across England, local councils are banning young people from public space.

Move along now: the law barring thousands of people from public spaces

Police now have free rein to create “dispersal zones” in public areas, allowing them to ban people for anything from street drinking to acting in a suspicious manner.

May the pamphleteers return!

Laws which ban leafleting in city centres are destroying performance arts and an age old British tradition.

The end of public space: one law to ban them all

Laws handing sweeping new powers to police and private security to restrict access to public space are extinguishing the diversity of civic life.

Pavement injustice: the tyranny of on-the-spot fines

What does it mean for justice in Britain when criminal offences that were once tried in a court room are now dealt with on-the-spot, with the supposed 'offender' unable to argue their case?

The right to leaflet is a basic liberty

A new report, "Leafleting: A Liberty Lost?", finds that councils are cracking down on leafleting by local groups such as arts organisations and the WI - yet are increasing spending on their own council leaflets

The liberal tradition of the leafleteer is under threat

Leaflets have long lain at the heart of local democracy. This great liberal tradition is now under threat, not now from King or Church, but from the unexpected quarter of local authority environmental officials.

A new type of activism is being born

Is activism dead – or is it blooming?
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