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About Juan Gabriel Tokatlian

Juan Gabriel Tokatlian is Full Professor and director of the department of political science and international studies at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires. He was previously professor at the Universidad de San Andrés, also in Argentina. He earned a doctorate in international relations from the Johns Hopkins University school of advanced international studies, and lived, researched and taught in Colombia from 1981-9

Juan Gabriel Tokatlian es Profesor Plenario y director del departamento de ciencias políticas y estudios internacionales de la Universidad Torcuato Di Tella en Buenos Aires. Previamente fue profesor en la Universidad de San Andrés, también en Argentina. Se doctoró en relaciones internacional en la John Hopkins University school of advanced international studies. Residió en Colombia entre 1981-98.

Articles by Juan Gabriel Tokatlian

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Argentina and peripheral neoliberal militarism

Argentina is a country of peculiarities that stands out in its regional context. Its security strategy which kept the military separate from internal security for many years is one of those peculiarities. Español

Argentina y el militarismo neoliberal periférico

Argentina es un país con singularidades que a pesar de no ser excepcionales sobresalen en el contexto regional, como su delimitación entre defensa y seguridad. English

El gobierno argentino y la Doctrina de Inseguridad Nacional

El presidente argentino Mauricio Macri habilitó recientemente que las Fuerzas Armadas se involucren en tareas de seguridad interior. Su política responde a un cambio en las doctrinas militares internacionales promovidas por Estados Unidos. English

The Argentine government and the National Insecurity Doctrine

Argentine President Mauricio Macri has recently enabled the armed forces' involvement in home security tasks. His decision responds to a change in the international military doctrines promoted by the US. Español

Tillerson en América Latina: vuelve Monroe

Según la Doctrina Monroe, todo intento por parte de potencias extranjeras para extender su sistema a cualquier nación del hemisferio debe considerarse como peligroso para Estados Unidos. English

With Tillerson in Latin America, Monroe is back

According to the Monroe Doctrine, “any attempt by a foreign power to extend its system to any nation in the hemisphere must be considered as dangerous” by the United States. Español

Venezuela as a Latin American challenge

Venezuela is facing today the most painful and far-reaching crisis in America. Many interests are at stake. Español

América Latina frente a Venezuela

Venezuela se enfrenta hoy a la crisis más dolorosa y de mayor alcance de América. Algo está claro: hay muchos intereses en juego. English

Warriors (of different sort) first

It is not that Washington should be more alert about what happens in the world; it is the world that should be concerned with what is going on in the United States. Español

“Guerreros primero” en la América de Trump

No es que Washington deba estar más pendiente de lo que sucede en el mundo; es el mundo el que debería estar preocupado por lo que está pasando en los Estados Unidos. English

É a crise na Venezuela negociável?

A tempestade ainda pode ser evitada. Existe ainda uma pequena janela de oportunidade para resolver a crise venezuelana através de meios políticos e negociados. O tempo é o elemento chave. English Español  

La crisis en Venezuela, ¿es negociable?

La tormenta todavía puede evitarse. Hay aún una pequeña ventana de oportunidad para resolver la crisis venezolana por medios políticos y negociados. El tiempo es el factor clave. English Português

Is the crisis in Venezuela still negotiable?

Turmoil can still be avoided. There is still a small window of opportunity to resolve the Venezuelan crisis by political, negotiated means. Time is key. Español Português

United States and Latin America: between uncertainty and concern

Donald Trump and some of his advisors are generating more than uneasiness. provoking the sense that the United States may become a real source of concern in Latin America. Español

Estados Unidos: incertidumbre e inquietud en América Latina

Donald Trump y algunos de sus asesores están generando mucho más que incomodidades. Alimentan la sensación de que los Estados Unidos pueden convertirse muy pronto en una fuente de preocupación real. English

Colombia and the plebiscite: the peace that wasn’t

Peace in Colombia is now entering an unpredictable labyrinth. Español

La peligrosa estratagema de Macri

No es hora de abrir la Caja de Pandora de la “guerra contra las drogas” en la Argentina. Es crucial que Estados Unidos evite enviar cualquier señal favorable a una estrategia como ésta. English

President Macri’s perilous gambit

It is time not to open the Pandora Box of the “war on drugs” in Argentina. It is crucial that the United States avoid any signal in favor of such a strategy. Español

UNGASS 2016: from opportunity to opportunism

The Summit represented a big opportunity to end the "war on drugs",  but defenders of the status quo were able to abort aspirations of an effective transformation of the field. Español

UNGASS 2016: de la oportunidad al oportunismo

La cumbre representaba una gran oportunidad para acabar con la "guerra contra las drogas",  pero los defensores del estatus quo lograron abortar las aspiraciones de transformación en la materia. English

Obama, a Argentina e os direitos humanos

O relançamento das relações entre os Estado Unidos e a Argentina dispõe dum pilar sobre o qual se deve apoiar: os direitos humanos. Español English

Obama, Argentina and human rights

The resumption of relations between the United States and Argentina has a foundation on which to build: human rights. Español Português

Obama, Argentina y los derechos humanos

El relanzamiento de las relaciones entre los Estados Unidos y Argentina tiene un pilar en el que debiera sostenerse: los derechos humanos. English Português

After Paris: stop declaring more wars

In embracing the failed American anti-terror model, France and Europe are abandoning their own successful one.

¿A tres minutos del apocalipsis?

El "Reloj del Fin del Mundo", medida acreditada de lo cerca que está el mundo de la catástrofe, se ha puesto de nuevo en marcha. English

Three minutes from apocalypse?

The "doomsday clock", a respected measure of the world's nearness to catastrophe, is again on the move.

Argentina: beyond impunity

Argentina's democracy has travelled far since the early 1980s. Now, the sudden death of a senior prosecutor highlights the need for a new phase of reform.

"Better numb than Islam"

The attitudes of most American citizens to violence against Muslims bodes ill for democracy in the United States.

Westphalia to Southphalia

Does the rise of non-western states such as China, India, South Africa, and Brazil threaten the dominant model of international politics?

Economic crisis and illicit drugs

The great recession since 2008-09 has reshaped international attitudes in ways that are influencing public policy on drugs. It is a process with echoes of the 1930s.

Drugs and the peace process in Colombia: a moderate radical step

The third point of agreement reached in the Havana negotiations may finally pave the way for the gradual end to the “war on drugs”, and defuse one of the issues – the drug trade – that has most hindered peace in Colombia.

Washington and Caracas: hegemony vs maturity

Venezuela's presidential election presents the United States with a historic choice, says Juan Gabriel Tokatlian.

Iran's nuclear question: a wider lens

The valuable experience of Latin American states on key nuclear and conflict issues needs to be heard in the dialogue over Iran, says Juan Gabriel Tokatlian.

The war on drugs: time to demilitarise

The United States armed forces have played a leading role in the “war on drugs” across much of Latin America. The results are damaging and counterproductive, says Juan Gabriel Tokatlian.

The drug war: new paradigm vs old paradox

The appointment of a new head of the lead United Nations anti-drugs agency is a precious opportunity to abandon a failed policy, says Juan Gabriel Tokatlian.
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