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Julia Buxton is Associate Dean and Professor of Comparative Politics at the School of Public Policy, Central European University, Budapest. Follow her on Twitter: @BuxtonJulia

Articles by Julia Buxton

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Mitos, moralismo e hipocresía en el sistema internacional de control de drogas

¿Por qué es aceptable militarizar las operaciones antidroga en Colombia, Bolivia o Afganistán  pero no en Polonia o Canadá? Las políticas internacionales del norte global perjudician al sur. English

Myths, moralism, and hypocrisy drive the international drug control system

Why are Colombia and Bolivia acceptable theatres for violent weaponised counter-narcotics operations, and not Poland or Canada? Our international drug policies reflect a bias towards the global north, with damaging consequences for the south. Español

From bust to boom: Chavez's economic legacy

Chavez leaves behind an inconsistent report card on 'pro-poor' policies that will only fuel a polarizing legacy as Venezuelans look to address future economic challenges.

Venezuela: Chavismo without Chávez?

Hugo Chávez’s leadership of Venezuela has survived many challenges during his twelve years in power. Now, a cancer diagnosis poses grave doubts over his political future as well as his health. Julia Buxton assesses a delicate phase in the “Bolivarian revolution”.

Hugo Chávez: tides of victory

The referendum victory of Venezuela's president is founded on an extension of the understanding of democracy that has both national roots and regional parallels, says Julia Buxton.

Hugo Chávez and Venezuela: questions of leadership

Hugo Chávez's diplomatic confrontation with the United States risks undermining Venezuela's own interests and fraying regional solidarity. It is also symptomatic of a pattern of political misjudgment, says Julia Buxton.

(This article was first published on 25 September 2008)

The deepening of Venezuela's Bolivarian revolution: why most people don't get it

The radical project led by Hugo Chávez in Venezuela can’t be understood through the distorting lens of its inveterate opponents, says Julia Buxton. This is a politics for the future with emancipation, participation – and popular support - at its heart.
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