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About Julia Zulver

Dr Julia Zulver is the Postdoctoral Gender Researcher on the CONPEACE Team. A graduate of the Latin American Centre at the University of Oxford, her research focuses on women's mobilization under contexts of high violence. She tweets @JZulver

Dr Julia Zulver es investigadora post-doctoral en el proyecto CONPEACE del centro Changing Character of War de la Universidad de Oxford.@JZulver

Articles by Julia Zulver

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

¿Verá Colombia un acuerdo de paz con el ELN en 2019?

Los sondeos de opinión muestran que el 64% de la población colombiana quiere que el Presidente Duque reanude las negociaciones con el ELN. Pero en 2018 el gobierno suspendió las negociaciones. English

Will 2019 see a Peace Process for the ELN rebels in Colombia?

Polls show that 64% of Colombians want President Duque to resume negotiations with the ELN, but the new government called off talks in 2018, leaving the future of the peace process uncertain. Español

In pictures: female FARC fighters' daily lives in a demobilisation camp

“Welcome to a territory of peace.” Earlier this year, thousands of FARC combatants moved to demobilisation camps as part of historic peace accords in Colombia.

El Salvador: crisis of masculinity in a machista society

Unless the crisis of masculinity in El Salvador is directly tackled, no effort on behalf of women’s organizations will be able to reduce the levels of violence against women that take place in the country.

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