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About Julienne Lusenge

Julienne Lusenge is President of Solidarité féminine pour la paix et le développement integral (Women’s Solidarity for Peace and Integrated Development) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As President, she manages a coalition of 40 women’s organisations that work together to defend and protect women’s rights in the Eastern provinces of the DRC, and to assist victims of sexual violence in seeking justice through the judicial system. Lusenge has also acted as coordinator of the National Campaign of Congolese Women Against Sexual Violence and is Director of the Congolese Women’s Fund.

Articles by Julienne Lusenge

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"We want peace. We’re tired of war"

"If we live violence every day, how can we work for the development of our country so that we can benefit from human rights like other countries and like other women?"  - Julienne Lusenge speaking about her work as a women's human rights defender in the DRC

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