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About Justin Scholsberg

Justin Schlosberg is a media activist, researcher and lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London. He is the author of Power Beyond Scrutiny: Media, Justice and Accountability

Articles by Justin Scholsberg

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The media–technology–military industrial complex

In a world of so-called fake news and post-truth politics, the influence of largely invisible qualities of concentrated power over media, public and policy agendas, warrants renewed and urgent scrutiny.

Jeremy Corbyn, impartiality and media misrepresentation

Another academic study has found systemic bias against Jeremy Corbyn in the British media.

Is there really an alternative? The mainstream media and the limits of public debate over austerity

Mainstream media can still have a critical influence in prescribing limits to potential policy solutions, and thus determining the nature and scope of reform. After the 2008 financial crisis mainstream journalists became complicit in the reassertion of an ideological paradigm. Part of the Anti-Austerity and Media Activism series.

What would an autonomous BBC look like?

Proposals for a ‘unitary board’ represent a serious threat to the BBC’s independence. The corporation must use this Charter to reconfigure itself as a network, resilient to top-down interference. 

On Whittingdale and the power of press silence

The ability of the British press to effectively suppress a scandal speaks volumes about the dangers of concentrated media.

Two years after Leveson, why is the UK government’s media dealings still shrouded in secrecy?

They talk of 'transparency' but the reality is still a quiet word behind closed doors, shut off from public scrutiny. Westminster and Whitehall have no intention of letting the public know what dealings they have with media chiefs.

Media wars over Gaza: why British broadcasters are still failing in their scrutiny of Israeli officials

UK media may indeed suggest the bombardment of Gaza is disproportionate but the idea that Israel's offensive is a response to Hamas rocket attacks is all too rarely questioned.

Media plurality - Schlosberg responds

The final installment of the conversation, here Justin Schlosberg responds to Rob Kenny's article.

Media Plurality debate: new research models proposed ownership limits

Based on his latest research that examined civil society proposals for media plurality measures and models their suggested ownership limits against current market conditions, Justin Schlosberg of Birkbeck, University of London argues that such limits and thresholds could limit media power with minimal impact on the market. 

David Kelly and the silence of British media - 10 years on

Are concerns over the official narrative "conspiracy fodder", or have the media failed to adequately challenge the state's account of what happened?

A historical moment? Leveson and spectacle

An unprecedented public inquiry into the UK press has ended in squabbles over legal semantics. The biggest loser is in fact the British public, who will continue to be subject to misinformation and bias as before.

Regenerating Britain's local media: can public service broadcasting come to the rescue?

With local news services of all kinds in steady decline, and democracy under threat as a result, can the BBC step in to the breach?

Submission to Leveson from Media Reform group urges focus on ownership

The Leveson Inquiry has a broad remit: the culture, practice and ethics of the British press. A new media reform group has submitted their evidence and is urging Leveson not to sideline one of the pivotal issues: media ownership. 

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