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About Kamena Dorling

Kamena runs the Migrant Children’s Project at Coram Children's Legal Centre and co-chairs the Refugee Children's Consortium. She has worked in human rights for over ten years and her published reports include Navigating the System: Advice provision for young refugees and migrants (2012); Seeking Support: a guide to the rights and entitlements of separated children (2012); Refused: the experiences of women denied asylum in the UK (2012); and Administrative detention of children: a global report (2011). 

Articles by Kamena Dorling

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Lost childhoods: age disputes in the UK asylum system

Children seeking asylum in the UK are regularly disbelieved about how old they are and can end up facing harmful, protracted disputes. The culture of disbelief so often criticised in the Home Office has now seeped into some local authorities.

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