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About Kasia Boddy

Kasia Boddy is a lecturer in English at University College London and has just completed a book on the representation of boxing in literature and art.

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This week’s World Forum for Democracy 2017 editors

Georgios Kolliarakis

Georgios Kolliarakis political scientist, is a senior researcher at the University of Frankfurt.

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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Introducing this week’s theme: Media, parties and populism.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Clowning glories: Hollywood's screwball women

Kasia Boddy welcomes a London retrospective showcasing comediennes of classical Hollywood, and celebrates the brief reign of screwball's madcap women.

Norman Mailer: a boxing life

The protean symbolism of the boxing-match was the arena of Norman Mailer's journey from "nice Jewish boy" to combative literary pugilist, says Kasia Boddy.

Rocky's American dreams

Sylvester Stallone's sixth instalment in the "Rocky" franchise about a washed-up palooka-cum-hero may be a movie driven by cartoon logic, but it is also a masterful exercise in nostalgia and American redemption, says Kasia Boddy.


As Sacha Baron Cohen's provocative film hits cinemas worldwide, Kasia Boddy asks who has done the most "cultural learning", Kazakhstan or America?

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