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About Kate Shea Baird

Kate Shea Baird lives in Barcelona and works in advocacy for local democracy and decentralisation. She tweets about political communication and Catalonia.

Kate Shea Baird vive en Barcelonay trabaja en la promoción de la democracia local y la decentralización. Twittea sobre comunicación politica y Cataluña.

Articles by Kate Shea Baird

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Crece un nuevo movimiento municipalista internacional

En un mundo atrapado entre la crisis neoliberal y el autoritarismo, el movimiento municipalista está demostrando que es una poderosa herramienta para construir alternativas emancipadoras. English

A new international municipalist movement is on the rise – from small victories to global alternatives

In a world stuck between neoliberal crisis and authoritarianism, a reinvigorated municipalist movement is proving a powerful tool to build emancipatory alternatives from the ground up.

How to build a movement-party: lessons from Rosario’s Future City

Passive, spectator politics is not an option. It is up to the activists to prove that maintaining a party in movement is possible over the long term. Español

Cómo construir un partido de movimiento: lecciones desde Ciudad Futura de Rosario

El gran reto de los movimientos sociales es cómo sostener su activismo una vez alcanzan las instituciones. En cualquier caso, la política pasiva, de espectadores, ha dejado de ser una opción.  English

Independence from whom? Catalonia's existential elections

Catalonia seems about to become a living laboratory for popular sovereignty in post-crisis Europe. Español.

¿Independencia de quién? Elecciones existenciales en Cataluña

Cataluña parece a punto de convertirse en un laboratorio de la soberanía popular en la Europa poscrisis. English.

Beyond Ada Colau: the common people of Barcelona en Comú

Since the launch of Barcelona en Comú less than a year ago, Colau has taken pains to emphasize that she is just the most visible face of a movement that is horizontal in structure and collective in spirit.

The naked truth about Ciudadanos, Spain's counter-revolutionaries

Ciudadanos have been portrayed by the media as the 'Podemos of the right'. However, an analysis of the party and its policies reveal this is far from the case.

Podemos: a cat among the pigeons in Catalonia

Podemos supports the principle of Catalan self-determination, but hopes that Catalans would vote to stay in Spain, for a ‘right to decide’ about ‘everything’. This is radical.

Let's win back Barcelona!

Guanyem Barcelona is a citizen platform that has embarked on a mission to solve the current Spanish political crises with their own hands. This increasingly popular political movement aims to remove power from elites and bring democracy to the people. 

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