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About Katharine Hibbert

Kath Hibbert set up Dot Dot Dot, a social enterprise, in 2011. Dot Dot Dot gets empty buildings into use by allowing people who do great voluntary work to live in them cheaply, on a temporary basis, in order to take care of them for landlords. 

Articles by Katharine Hibbert

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

12 mph politics - the conversation

Breaking records, hospitality, racism, poverty, globalisation and two concepts of hope ... the film of an evening of conversation around "Life Cycles", Julian Sayarer's account of his record-breaking cycling circumnavigation of the globe

Defending property guardianship - everyone benefits

Guardianship, organisations placing people in unoccupied homes as we do at Dot Dot Dot, has come under a fair amount of criticism - most of it is not justified.

Optimism, pessimism and rationality

In a review essay of Matt Ridley's "The rational optimist" and Mark Boyle's "The moneyless man", scavenger and squatter Katharine Hibbert sympathises with alternative living but also wants clear thinking

Gutted: council staff wreck council flats

Katharine Hibbert recalls her experiences living in a London squat: councils trashing vacant flats, all to prevent desperate people making some use of them
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