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About Katherine Aguirre Tobón

Katherine Aguirre Tobón es investigadora del Instituto Igarapé, actuamente basada en Bogotá, Colombia. Twitter @katheaguirreCOL

Katherine Aguirre Tobón is a researcher at Instituto Igarapé, currently based in Bogotá, Colombia. Twitter @katheaguirreCOL

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This week's editors

Cat Tully and Allie Bobak introduce this week's theme: Participation and foresight – putting people at the heart of the future

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Post-conflict in Colombia (19) Uncertainty and fears after the war

After the signing of the peace agreements, doubts remain about their true reach in the context of the country's complex social and security situation. Español

Postconflicto en Colombia (19) Incertidumbre y temores después de la guerra

Tras la firma de los acuerdos de paz, persisten las dudas sobre su verdadero alcance ante la compleja situación social y de seguridad  en que se encuentra Colombia. English

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