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About Katherine Trebeck

Katherine is research and policy adviser with Oxfam.

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Still raging against the economy?

Many great minds of the past would be dismayed at the damage to people and planet being caused by our pursuit of ‘progress’.

Under what circumstances is inequality OK?

As two years since Brits voted for Brexit is checked off the calendar, the thick tar of inequality still hampers efforts to create a wellbeing economy. So it is good that economic inequality has been ...

Book review: The Divide by Jason Hickel

The word ‘tome’ gets bandied about all-too often. But in this case, despite claims on the cover to constitute a “brief guide to global inequality and its solutions”, tome really is apt. Jason ...

Budging the male bias

It's time to end the sausagefest.

Ditching the dogma: When does a focus on productivity become counterproductive?

"Productivity" is the mantra in current economic discussions. But it's too often undefined - and is it even relevant in an economy where care, personal services and creative sectors are growing in significance?

Podcast: 2014 matters: poverty, power and inequality in Scotland and a changing world

What would Scottish independence mean for global justice? A panel came together in Dundee to discuss what the referendum means for Scotland's place in the world.

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