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About Katie Ghose

Katie Ghose is Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society. A campaigner and barrister with a background in human rights law and immigration, she has previously served as a Commissioner on the Independent Asylum Commission and as Director of the British Institute of Human Rights. Her first book 'Beyond the Courtroom: a lawyer’s guide to campaigning' was published by Legal Action Group in 2005.

Articles by Katie Ghose

This week’s front page editor


Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Founder, Director and Editor of democraciaAbierta

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Facebook Election – what's really behind digital 'micro-targeting' is our flawed electoral system

We are right to worry about how much companies and campaigns know when they target us with social media ads

The most disproportionate election in our history. 2020 must not be a repeat.

The electoral system is broken beyond all dispute. Here's why, and here's how to fix it.

A plague on both your houses: Lords reform in the UK is long overdue

Despite cross-party consensus that democracy must no longer be a stranger to the second chamber, a few naysayers are still arguing against real reform of 'the mother of all parliaments'. The Select Committee must, finally, get the job done.
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