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About Keith Hart

Keith Hart is Centennial Professor of Economic Anthropology at the London School of Economics and International Director of the Human Economy Programme at the University of Pretoria. He has taught at numerous universities, most significantly at Cambridge, where he was director of the African Studies Centre. He is the author of Money in an Unequal World. One recurrent theme of his work has been the relationship between movement and identity in the transition from national to world society.

Articles by Keith Hart

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Keith Hart is an economic anthropologist who lives in Paris and directs research on the human economy in Pretoria. He launched the idea of an informal economy in the 1970s.

Capitalism, revolution and racism in the US and the world

As Marx pointed out, the revolution comes like a thief in the night when no one is expecting it.

Does Brexit really matter? Yes, as the end of the UK

The Tory party has been in bed with the City for a century. It is not beyond belief to suppose that Cameron’s goal was always Leave while apparently leading Remain.

A human economy approach to development

Money buys the machines that control people’s access to work. Humanity’s task is to reverse that order.

Waiting for emancipation: the prospects for liberal revolution in Africa

Clearly, trade and finance are not organized, in Africa or the world at large, with a view to liberating a popular movement.

A Crisis of Money: the demise of national capitalism

The present economic crisis stems from the gradual disintegration of 'national capitalism', embodied in national currency, from the early 1970s onwards. It needs to be properly understood as a moment in the history and anthropology of money.

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