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About Kerry-anne Mendoza

Kerry-anne Mendoza is a blogger and activist. Her writing focusses on challenging the axioms of neoliberalism. She writes the Scriptonite Daily blog. Her life's work is in finding an answer to the question: how can we make a world that works for everyone?

Articles by Kerry-anne Mendoza

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Defending the 99%: still a 'slogan' for our times

Many have accused Occupy's 1 / 99 narrative of brushing aside the realities of actual wealth distribution in Britain. Most recently, Craig Berry of the TUC has presented a case that it is time to drop the 'slogan'. Activist Kerry-Anne Mendoza hits back, arguing that it is vital as a global group identity.

Mass arrests outside London's Olympic opening ceremony: an eye-witness account

London 2012's opening ceremony paid tribute to Britain's rich history of political dissent. But outside the Olympic village, a group of peaceful cyclists on their monthly ride around the city were being kettled by police. One of the 182 arrested gives her personal account

"We sympathize with your cause, but....": Non-violent civil disobedience in the 21st century

This author welcomes the criticisms of opponents of OccupyUK and other protest movements. She argues that critics, simply by asking questions of the protesters, are able to spread the word and move the dialogue forward to effect change.

Our Olympics: a case for reclaiming the London 2012 games

As the London 2012 Olympics approach, a campaign is born to give the voice to the majority of British people who stand to gain little from the games, funded by 11bn of taxpayers' money. Who are the real beneficiaries? How do the people occupy the Olympics?

Is there such a thing as ethical capitalism?

In response to a growing realisation that neo-liberal capitalism is morally and literally bankrupt, Britain’s political leadership have provided three visions of ethical capitalism for us to aspire to. So, is there such a thing as ethical capitalism? And why is this question being asked now?

The Occupy Movement - a revolution in our sense of self

The Occupy Movement, far from having no programme, has revolutionized our sense of self. The Citizen of the World adopts a panoramic view of society and takes the interests of others all over the world to be as important as her or his self interest.
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