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About Kiri Kankhwende

Kiri Kankhwende is a journalist who writes primarily about politics and immigration. She is also co-author of the politics column White Men Dancing at Media Diversified. Kiri tweets @madomasi

Articles by Kiri Kankhwende

This week’s front page editor


Julian Richards is openDemocracy’s managing editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The UK outsourcing experiment: playing with vulnerable lives

A review of Alan White’s Who Really Runs Britain? — the private companies taking control of benefits, prisons, asylum, deportation, security, social care and the NHS.

#BlackLivesMatter in Britain too: why does our media care less?

The UK media seems more comfortable talking about race issues in America than those closer to home. It is the BBC’s responsibility to challenge these double standards. 

'We all bring something to the table' Young migrants in the UK

At an event in London, young migrants explored the interweaving narratives of Britain and their own lives.

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