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About Kirill Kobrin

Kirill Kobrin is a writer, historian and journalist. He is an editor of the Russian intellectual journal Neprikosnovennyi zapas, and is the author of 20 books and numerous publications in the Russian, German and Latvian press. He lives in London.

Articles by Kirill Kobrin

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Russia’s role on the world stage: a Soviet foreign policy without the USSR?

Many might be proud of Russia’s resurgence on the world stage, but how will it end? Русский

The Eternally Wonderful Present, or Russia’s need for a new culture

The USSR aimed to create a “multinational Soviet culture”, but in post-Soviet Russia national culture has become the goal — while Soviet nostalgia is beginning to wear thin. Русский

The roots of Russia’s atomised mourning

Post-Soviet people have spent two decades mourning a society that never existed. Русский

Welcome to the post-post-Soviet era

To this day, Lenin lies in state on Red Square. There’s still space in the mausoleum for more modern heroes  and their ideas. Русский

The death of the post-Soviet project in Russia

As we approach the 25th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s demise, it’s high time to remember what Soviet ideology was — and what it wasn’t. Русский

A columnist’s work is never done


For decades, columnists helped form new communities through their journalism. But now, they're dying out. Русский


When is an anniversary not an anniversary?

Russia is gearing up for the centennial of its October Revolution, and Ireland has just commemorated the centenary of its Easter Rising. Would their leaders recognise their countries today? Русский

Russia: Thank you for not smoking


The Russian government is obsessed with promoting healthy lifestyles. But with its typical heavy-handedness, it has decided that citizens’ health is just another state resource. Русский

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