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About Kirsten Forkert

Kirsten Forkert is a researcher and activist. She is a senior lecturer in the School of Media at Birmingham City University. She is currently working on a book on the cultural politics of austerity entitled Austerity as Public Mood, and is also researching responses to the refugee crisis through a collaborative project entitled Conflict, Memory Displacement ( She is involved with Birmingham Asylum and Refugee Association.

Articles by Kirsten Forkert

This week’s front page editor

Claire Provost

Claire Provost is editor of 50.50 covering gender, sexuality and social justice.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

‘Go Home?’ – five years on

On bordering, the referendum and Windrush: "It might be a dangerous moment but it is a moment when the old tricks of government cannot be repeated." Chain letter between UK researchers, June – September, 2018.

Austerity nostalgia, racism and xenophobia

Why anti-racism and migrants rights activism need to be central to anti-austerity campaigning.

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