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About Kojo Kyerewaa

  • Kojo Kyerewaa is a writer and Community Activist from South London. (Kojo Kyerewaa is a pseudonym).

Articles by Kojo Kyerewaa

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

London 2014: Three police officers. One black boy. What next?

On Saturday 25 October families and friends gather with supporters in Trafalgar Square to remember people who have died in state custody, and to campaign for an end to such deaths. One activist sees beauty in the struggle to expose and challenge police and state violence.

A 14 year old black boy on his way home from youth choir. . .

Twenty years after Stephen Lawrence was murdered by racist thugs, a reflection on racism in Britain.

Four Labour myths that scapegoat immigrants

How much distance is there really between Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown’s “British jobs for British workers”? 

Is the Dale Farm eviction really ethnic cleansing?

The UK's largest traveller community is being forcibly evicted from their homes. Violence has been used to remove them, but is it ethnically motivated? Is Britain really engaging in 'ethnic cleansing'?

'Fuck the police!' Working-class youth and the routine abuse of power

For many, the 'boys in blue' are a brutal force who use their powers to punish and wreak revenge. England's riots began with an explosion of anger towards the police - so why is this issue not being addressed?

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