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About Koldo Casla

Koldo Casla is Policy, Research and Training Officer at Just Fair.

Just Fair campaigns for economic, social and cultural rights in the UK. Follow Just Fair on Twitter @JustFairUK 

Articles by Koldo Casla

This week's editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Why are Basque nationalists coming to the rescue of the Spanish conservative government?

One of Spain's most unlikely political alliances has ancient roots.

The UK government cannot reconcile austerity measures with human rights

UK governments have claimed austerity measures are necessary while ignoring the disproportionate adverse effects on marginalized groups. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on economic and social rights.

Months ago I called for a Brexit. Why did you have to listen, Britain? Why???

Last February, I wrote a short piece praising British humour and weather, thanking London for hosting me and, yes, asking Brits to vote for BrexitAnd I regret it deeply now.

Open letter from a Eurocitizen living in London: Brits, vote for Brexit

As a Spanish national living in London, I urge you to vote for Brexit. European integration is a political necessity for which the UK is a serious obstacle.

Why does the Basque Country seem so quiet about independence nowadays?

Considering the nationalist surge in Catalonia, Scotland and other European regions, why does the formerly restive Basque Country seem so quiet about independence? 

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