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About Krystian Woznicki

Krystian Woznicki is a critic and photographer. Fugitive Belonging, his most recent book published by Diamondpaper 2018, blends criticism and photography. He is also the author of 'A Field Guide to the Snowden Files' (with Magdalena Taube), 'After the Planes' (with Brian Massumi) and 'Wer hat Angst vor Gemeinschaft?' (with Jean-Luc Nancy), all also published by Diamondpaper. His first book 'Abschalten. Paradiesproduktion, Massentourismus und Globalisierung' was published by Kadmos. He is the co-founder of Berliner Gazette

Articles by Krystian Woznicki

This week’s editor

Alex Sakalis, Editor

Alex Sakalis is associate editor of openDemocracy and co-edits the Can Europe Make It? page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

There is only life and power – not digital and non-digital life and power

The inseparability between our on and offline lives is the single most important thing to understand about the impact of the internet on political life – which is why we need systems literacy, now.

The special power of disruption in an age of logistical warfare

It's easier to imagine spectacular violence than the banal, logistical governmentalities that constitute warfare. Yet it is often the same corporations delivering weapons to the frontlines as welfare checks on the home front.

Outlaw spaces: strategic reversals of power at the margins

Countercultures are often ambivalent – taken to be radical, yet only rarely engaging with politics. Can this ambivalence be put to work differently, those in outlaw spaces redefining democracy in unexpected ways? Deutsch

Violence from the future: on the logics of the G20 state of emergency

Chaotic crowds, like natural disasters or terrorism, are perceived as ultimate threats. The excesses of the resulting strategies of preemption became obvious during the G20 summit.

Resisting the movement of control

We must fight for more transparency, and against technologies of decision-making. We cannot not do it. But this is not enough. We must learn the language of becoming other. A Tacit Futures interview.

Hyper-security, video-surveillance and borders: an interview with Catarina Frois

What types of democratic control of movement should we be fighting for?

Japan after Japan

Post-Fukushima social movements, the rebirth of history and tacit futures. An interview.

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