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About Lasse Thomassen

Lasse Thomassen is Senior Lecturer in the School of Politics & International Relations at Queen Mary, University of London. He is the co-editor of Radical Democracy: Politics Between Abundance and Lack (2005) and the author of articles on, among other things, representation, radical democracy and post-structuralism.

Articles by Lasse Thomassen

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

What Bruce Springsteen can teach us about identity politics

In the US and the UK, the left could learn something from Bruce Springsteen: to articulate a different narrative about collective identities – about how people 'lost control' – it must talk in a common language.

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Identity politics: everybody does it (and it’s ok too)

If there is no way around talking about and invoking identities, we need to ask three questions: which identities? whose identities? and how do we think about identities?

Is there an Alternative for Denmark?

The outcome of Denmark's general election on June 18 could depend heavily on the success of a radical new party called The Alternative.

Spanish voters wake up to new political landscape

Yesterday’s Spanish municipal and regional elections confirmed what the opinion polls have shown for the past year: the electorate is in a flux, and the voters punished the old parties and rewarded the new ones.

The Andalusian Test

Looking forward from the Andalusian test, the Spanish party system has been transformed. What used to be effectively a two-party system is now a four-party system.

After Syriza: What’s next for Spain?

Although Podemos are unlikely to win an outright majority in the general election, they have galvanised the opposition to the conservative government, while simultaneously challenging the parties of the old left.

The winds are changing: a new left populism for Europe

The unprecedented presence of international media, solidarity delegations and representatives of socialist and leftish parties in Athens signalled that Syriza’s triumph was something more than just another electoral victory. 

The legacy of the indignados

Much has been written about the indignados, what was new about them and what is, or will be, their legacy. It is time to acknowledge that the indignados have redefined how – and where! – we engage in politics.

Young and good looking: the saviours of Europe’s Left

They are young. They are good looking. They are well spoken. They may just be the saviours of the European Left.

The death of the indignados movement

The indignados movement is dead and Spain is back to the traditional political management of demands and interests. The language of protest needs another restructuring.

Lessons from the Spanish Occupy Movement

Taking the Occupy movement in Spain as a case in point, location, organisation and timing seem to be crucial when it comes to putting across a lasting message.

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