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About Laura Carlsen

Laura Carlsen is the Director of the Americas Program of the Center for International Policy. She is located in Mexico City where she has written extensively on Latin America and is a frequent television and radio commentator.

Articles by Laura Carlsen

This week's editor


Guest editor Ronan Harrington introduces this week's theme: Spirituality and Visionary Politics.

Ronan is a freelance political strategist and co-creator of Alter Ego, a gathering exploring the future of progressive politics.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Within the hell of war lies a private hell

It is easy to think of impunity as a sin of omission. The hand not raised in protest appears genteel alongside the hand stained with the blood of the victim. Yet we learned from the testimonies of women on the frontlines of battle for gender justice that impunity not only perpetuates crimes against women, it teaches generation after generation how to continue the practice.

Mexico: the war on drugs is becoming a war on women

Women human rights defenders in Mexico are increasingly targeted, often by government forces, since drug war violence and militarisation provide a cover for attacking leaders of grassroots movements, says Laura Carlsen

Horror and hope meet hand in hand

Blogging from the Nobel Women's Initiative conference, Laura Carlsen sees the strength in the women gathered there and voices a collective hope about meeting the challenge of ending sexual violence in conflict.

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