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About Laura Murray

Laura Murray has worked as a filmmaker, activist and researcher with sex worker rights organisations since 2000, working most closely with MODEMU in the Dominican Republic (2000-2003), The Asociacion de Trabajadoras Autónomas “22 de junio” in Ecuador (2001) and Davida in Brazil, where she has collaborated with the Brazilian Network of Prostitutes in diverse capacities since 2004. She is also a founding member and executive researcher with Prostitution Policy Watch. Laura recently completed her dissertation on the politics of sex worker activism in Brazil at Columbia University and directed the documentary, A Kiss for Gabriela, that tells the story of Gabriela Leite’s 2010 campaign for federal office. She is currently the Deputy Director of the Davida Collective and holds a post-doc position at the Institute for Social Medicine at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (IMS/UERJ).

Articles by Laura Murray

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

El poder de las putas: el movimiento de las prostitutas brasileñas en tiempos de reacción política

Enfrentadas a leyes regresivas basadas en el pánico moral sobre la explotación sexual y la trata, el movimiento de las prostitutas brasileñas se ha movilizado para asegurarse un lugar en la mesa de elaboración de políticas. English

The power of putas: the Brazilian prostitutes’ movement in times of political reaction

Faced with regressive policies grounded in moral panics over sexual exploitation and trafficking, the Brazilian prostitutes’ movement has mobilised to ensure a seat for itself at the policy-making table. Español

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