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About Leonard Benardo

Leonard Benardo is writer and co-author with Jennifer Weiss of Citizen-in-Chief: The Second Lives of the American Presidents (Harper, 2010) and Brooklyn By Name (NYU Press, 2006)

Articles by Leonard Benardo

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Hurricane Sandy: Romney's missed opportunity

Mitt Romney's lackluster response to Hurricane Sandy has been a wasted opportunity, both for his campaign and, more importantly, for the hard-hit people on the East Coast.

A three point plan to keep America healthy

Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act is facing a yet another test, with the Supreme Court controversially set to rule on the bill’s constitutionality. Were it to be overturned, millions of Americans would once again find themselves with the prospect of no healthcare. Jennifer Weiss and Leonard Benardo offer a few original ideas about how the state could step in to fill the gap. 

The ghosts of presidencies past. How today's Republicans need to memorialise Reagan and banish Bush

Myth-making and forgetting are a political process - look at how the USA's Republican Party candidates claim the mantle of Reagan while hoping to be entirely cloaked from association with George W Bush. But the importance of establishing distance from Bush should not be confined to the Republicans. Obama should also take note.
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