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About Les Levidow

Les Levidow is Senior Research Fellow at the Open University.  In the mid-1970s he participated in US activities around Science for the People magazine. After moving to London, he became Managing Editor of the Radical Science Journal in the 1980s. He is co-founder and Editor of its successor journal, Science as Culture. This essay extends his talk on Chris Knight’s book at University College London (UCL) on 27 February 2018 at a teach-out during the strike of the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU).


Articles by Les Levidow

This week’s front page editor

Adam Ramsay, Editor

Adam Ramsay is a co-editor of openDemocracyUK.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Chomsky paradox: the responsibility of intellectuals, revisited

Locating Chomsky’s linguistics and politics ‘in their historical perspective’ sharpens many issues for their wider relevance today, including that of the responsibility of intellectuals.

UK counter-extremism agenda: ‘Safeguarding’ as routine punishment and collective self-policing

The programme’s operation depends on collective self-policing through fear of punishment. These practices become yet another bureaucratic performance indicator.

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