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About Liubomir Topaloff

Liubomir Topaloff is Associate Professor at Meiji University in Tokyo and author of Political Parties and Euroscepticism (Palgrave 2012).

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This week’s World Forum for Democracy 2017 editors

Georgios Kolliarakis

Georgios Kolliarakis political scientist, is a senior researcher at the University of Frankfurt.

Rosemary Belcher-2.jpg

Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Introducing this week’s theme: Media, parties and populism.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Mythic origins or original sin? Euroscepticism and an ever closer reality

Euroscepticism is a strategically invented social construct – much like the myth of “ever closer union” itself – to capture and channel growing popular discontent with the aftermath of the European integration process. 

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