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About Lorenzo Marsili

Lorenzo Marsili is founding director of transnational organisation European Alternatives and one of the initiators of pan-European movement DiEM25. He has previously worked in publishing and was founding editor of the cultural quarterly Naked Punch. He is an active commentator and public speaker internationally. His latest book, Citizens of Nowhere, is forthcoming from Zed Books. He tweets @l_marsili.

Articles by Lorenzo Marsili

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Catalunya and beyond: what’s after the nation-state?

To take back control we need neither to retreat to existing nation-states nor to replicate the nation state’s authoritarian structures at a smaller, regional level.

Brexit Britain: what went wrong and what next? Panel 3

A discussion on why Britain voted for Brexit and what radical remainers should do now. (Video, 45 mins).

Reclaiming Europe from the powers that be: an interview with Barbara Spinelli MEP

"Any constitutional change of the European institutions is futile without first restoring citizens’ trust." Lorenzo Marsili in conversation with Barbara Spinelli.

Podemos: reclaiming Europe is a revolutionary slogan

A few days before the elections in Spain, we talk to Jorge Moruno of Podemos about his European strategy and the possibility of building a transnational network of rebel cities. Español

Podemos: reivindicar Europa, una consigna revolucionaria

Pocos días antes de las elecciones en España, hablamos sobre la estrategia europea del nuevo partido y la posibilidad de construir una red transnacional de ciudades rebeldes. Entrevista. English

The only plan B for Europe is rebuilding power for change

Europeans today are caught between a failing and undemocratic EU and equally failing and undemocratic national states. As Yanis Varoufakis prepares to launch a new movement for the democratisation of the EU, what’s the way out of the impasse?

TalkReal in Madrid: new Spanish politics

Citizen coalitions have been in power for six months in Madrid, Barcelona, and many more cities in Spain. What are the main take-aways? And what will happen with the Spanish national elections of 20 December? (Video, 32 mins)

TalkReal in Vienna: towards a Plan 'D' for democracy in Europe

A discussion about the future of democracy in Europe, the changing borders and the challenges that transnational movements face today. (Video, 34 mins)

Are alternatives still possible in Europe?

After five years of crisis marked by rising technocracy and #ThisIsACoup hashtags, is the hope of a truly democratic Europe still real? In this second episode of the new web-show TalkReal we continue asking whether change in Europe is still possible. (Video, 23 mins)

Democracy rising: what now for Syriza and Europe?

A discussion on how Europeans can relaunch the struggle for a democratic Europe in the aftermath of Syriza's fight against the powers that be. (Video, 39 mins)

The world upside down: insurgents are serious, national leaders muddle through

With prospects of economic stagnation at best, the timidity of European leaders appears more reckless than the gambles of insurgent parties.

A tennis court oath for Europe

Europe has historically been a beacon of political experimentation. Has it now become structurally unfit for change? 

Hungarian despotism: Europe must act

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has openly vowed to turn the country into an ‘illiberal state’. Europe cannot let this happen.

Europe is diverging: ignore it at your peril

In the absence of a strong and concerted political direction, the EU is undergoing a process of structural divergence, featuring diverging employment, growth, productivity, competition, and fiscal trajectories. This is not a recovery, but a joyless and jobless stagnation. Ignore it at your peril.

The Italian puzzle - austerity, corruption, and the man next door

The chaos that followed the Italian elections might be the foretaste of bigger changes to come. But which ones?

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