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About Lotta Tenhunen

Lotta Tenhunen lives in Madrid where she participates in the post-15M struggles such as the movement for the right to housing. She has studied sociology, feminist studies, performative arts and journalism in Tampere, Finland. She tweets @sydansalama

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This week’s editor

Alex Sakalis, Editor

Alex Sakalis is associate editor of openDemocracy and co-edits the Can Europe Make It? page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Podemos: the machine is still under construction

The new institutions don't need to integrate the constituent demands to their representation, but to be in themselves constituent – constitute through their actions and organizational structures the autogovernance of the many.

European elections, European democracy? Part II

It could well be said that the Maastricht Treaty produced the conditions for the development of the current financial and political crisis. It erased the possibility of real cooperation and union among European societies. Part I here.

European elections, European democracy? Part I

The last five years have been characterized by an increasing destruction of the European project. What are the deep political and institutional changes necessary at the European level in order to assure social and economic justice on the continent?

There's a very different idea of politics and democracy forming in my head

There's a very different idea of politics and democracy forming in my head than the one in the school textbooks. Read more from our You Tell Us bloggers on the topic of apathy in Europe.

In the Spanish exclave of Ceuta, the bloody realities of 'Fortress Europe' become apparent

On February 6th, fifteen migrants died while trying to enter the Spanish exclave of Ceuta in North Africa. The Spanish border guards, with their notorious and lethal "push-back" tactics, are largely to blame. Read more from our You Tell Us bloggers.

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