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About Louise Binder

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Louise Binder is a Canadian lawyer who was diagnosed with HIV in 1993. Due to her disease she was forced to retire from work in 1994. She has been co-chair of the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation, and vice-chair of the regional organisation Voices of Positive Women


Articles by Louise Binder

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Compulsion versus compassion: HIV treatment for women and children

Alice Welbourn and Louise Binder consider whether the new World Health Organisation treatment guidelines for women and children living with HIV may result in more abuse and harm

Criminal law: HIV and violence against women

Recent court decisions in Canada on HIV non-disclosure are bad science, bad public health policy, and bad medicine for women, says Louise Binder

No test, no arrest: criminal laws to fuel another HIV epidemic

"It is a terrible irony that we have come to a place where the medications we fought for will allow us to live a relatively normal quality of life, and now we are going to go to jail for doing so". Louise Binder reports on laws that will deter people from testing for HIV and increase the fear of stigma

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