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About Lucas Goetz

Lucas Goetz is a freelance journalist and political commentator. He specializes in regional minorities and stateless nations. He is the producer of the documentary Alsace: The Last Chance? His personal website can be found here.

Articles by Lucas Goetz

This week's editor


Mehmet Kurt is this week’s guest editor, introducing the theme, ‘New Turkey and Old Troubles’.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Quo vadis Alsace? Politics in the land of paradox

Why are so many people in Alsace voting for the Front National?

Nagorno-Karabakh: European dreams

The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic has managed to pursue a dynamic European and global foreign policy. Not bad for a country that doesn't officially exist.

Alsace fights back: a French David vs. Goliath story

For years, the French state has tried to belittle, oppress and finally destroy Alsace and its culture. Now the Alsatians are fighting back.

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